About Robert Grieve

The kind of painter I am, cannot help being excited by the contrasts and harmonies between natural and man-made objects; between patterns and irregularity, straight and curved lines, texture and smoothness; small strong areas of colour contrasted with neutral colours or beautiful colour harmonies- things which are to me the real language of painting

Robert Grieve, artist is represented in the national and most state and regional most of Australian galleries and internationally in galleries that range from Museum Vilnius in Lithuania to Fukouka Art Museum in Japan. He died in 2006 at the age of 82 leaving an extraordinary diversity of work in every media and every form of printmaking. As art critic and historian Sasha Grishin, wrote in his obituary. “His death robbed Australian art of a quiet master whose possessed an enormous evocative power and an elegant dignity”

Grieve's paintings and works on paper are greatly appreciated by fellow artists and art lovers, who recognise his uncompromising individuality of style and integrity of vision.

He was man of diverse interests and obsessions ranging from collecting masks and folk craft and a large Library to cultivating native orchids, music, casting toy soldiers, and making paper. But above all he loved the visual stimulation of travel. He was a relentless and restless traveller and hardly a year went by when he wouldn’t journey to some part of Australia, China, Cuba, Soviet Union, Albania even North Korea. The place he returned for inspiration and the place he developed most affinity with – was Japan

A book on Robert Grieve’s life and work was published in 1995 - Robert Grieve-Paintings, Drawings and Collage, David Ellis, Craftsman House with G&B Arts International.

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